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Our 501(c)3 Status is Pending!

FURR Rescue - Our Future Home!

April 26, 2017 - UPDATE

It turns our that our own 501(c)3 filing is going to happen within the month, so there is no longer the need to form first under the HSLSC!

Stand by, it won't be long now! #TheHavenIsComing



While we are filing for our own 501(c)3 status, which can take MONTHS, The Humane Society of Lancaster SC has graciously agreed to set up a special fund for us, so we can accept TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS sooner rather than later!

Once we have the fund set up, we will close this Go Fund Me and open a new one!

ThankYOU everyone! We have a very short window of time before we lose the FURR Rescue property opportunity, so its very important we get as many donations as possible as quickly as we can!


Help Us Build a Feline Dream!

Opening a rescue is a long held dream for sanctuary founder, Rita Reimers. Rita already cares for 20 rescue cats who live in her at-home sanctuary. (You'll be meeting her current 20 sanctuary residents as we build our full website). But her heart's desire is to build a haven/sanctuary for forgotten senior cats.

She and her wonderful staff at Rita Reimers Inc. are now beginning the groundwork for creating a loving place for these precious older cats;
the Carolina Senior Cat Haven and Sanctuary.

The Carolina Senior Cat Haven and Sanctuary will be a place for these old souls to live out the rest of their days, or perhaps find a new cat parent to love them until they cross over the Rainbow Bridge. These precious senior cats seldom make it out of the shelters, as many people gravitate to the young cats and kittens instead. It's a real shame, because these wonderful older cats have so much love to give.

Won't you please help us build our sanctuary, so we can fill it with fluffy senior kitty loves?

It's going to take at least $1,000 just to apply for our 501c3 status, which we must achieve before we can begin REAL fund raising and building of "The Haven".

14 Year Old VELVET Needs a Home!


Of course our facility has not been built/purchased yet, so won't you please help us network this gorgeous 14 year old girl, Miss Velvet? Thank you!

************ Courtesy Post *******************
Senior cat in NEED of a new home, please share

Hi Animal Lover Friends,

Would you please share this email and try to help find a home for Velvet, a beautiful and healthy 14 year old kitty who is being surrendered. She is now being boarded which is a new and probably scary experience for her. She is a lap kitty but because she is a senior lady she may prefer being the only house kitty. She is in Matthews and the boarding contact information is below. Thanks for sharing and helping sweet Velvet.

Cross posting only please contact below for more info:

Currently being boarded at Cats Cradle
(704) 771-6052
10031 Idlewild Rd.
Matthews NC 28105

Velvet's History: Edwina adopted Velvet as a 6 month old kitten. She is currently 14 years old and in excellent health. She is a Princess cat and is looking for a very loving home. She would ideally be suited to a person who has no other cats or dogs that would chase her. She loves to be on someones lap and is extremely sweet and easy to take care of. She has never been boarded before now and the only reason for this is because I have now moved and traveling extensively so can not take care of her.

It breaks my heart to give her away however I am hoping someone, somewhere has a wonderful home and lots of love to give her. She is a slight build with beautiful green eyes and has a gorgeous grey coat that is so soft (hence her name being Velvet). She has her claws and is suited to be an indoor cat however she likes to venture outside occasionally around dusk but never wanders far.

About Our Founder

Rita is a Cat Behaviorist (, a columnist for Catster Magazine (, and is Owner of Just For Cats Pet Sitting (, with locations in California, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Rita also serves on the Board of the Humane Society of Lancaster, SC (, and has been a long-time volunteer for various animal rescues.

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